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How exactly to plan a Complex Writing Interview

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Tips about just how to stay content dwelling the lifestyle that is one…

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5 Ways Leaders Can Communicate Change

I am often asked about the role of the CEO or leader of any organization in employee communication. My opinion is that no matter what the issue is, even if it is just business as usual, having a good communicator as a CEO is critical to impact the culture of an organization in a positive way.

Lets start with looking at some scenarios. These can include a merger or acquisition, an organizational crisis, announcement of annual financial results, corporate social responsibility or even trying to create a culture of innovation.

My contention is that no matter what the issue, here are 5 ways that your CEO can communicate with employees and achieve positive outcomes each time. Most of the methods listed below involve face to face dialogue to ensure the greatest engagement.

1. Staff Forums – Otherwise known as “Town Halls” these are opportunities for the CEO and Senior Management team to visit employees in all locations and address the real issues and concerns of staff as well as communicating the big picture. Employee communication tips include handing out cards to attendees so that the questions can be addressed after a break in proceedings, tailoring the presentation in part to the unique situation in the particular region the CEO is visiting and following up any issues that cannot be answered at the time.

2. Site Visits – These are an excellent employee communication tool for the CEO to find out specifically from the frontline exactly what the issues and concerns are of a particular region or department. The key is not only to spend time with the leadership team but also to sit with employees and find out what they are working on and inviting them to suggest innovative ways of doing things differently. CEOs’ rarely spend time communicating with employees and this is one way to break down perceptions and encourage two way communication.

3. Employee Achievement – Another way the CEO can communicate change is to support and encourage employees personally for their achievements. These maybe directly related to the issue at hand and by taking time out to recognize high achievers or change agents it sends a strong message to all employees that the CEO will reward those who support and are engaged in the change agenda.

4. Leaderships Forums – One of the smartest things an CEO can do during times of change is to communicate with his / her leadership team. I have always found that employee communication strategies need to be pitched at different levels and with different strategies to suit the role and expectations of the employees. When we think of change it is the leadership team that will drive it, from regional managers, state managers to frontline supervisors it is important that the CEO communicates face to face with the leadership team to be very clear about his or her expectation of them during times of change. One employee communication tip here is that face to face one on one meetings be held with the direct reports to the CEO and the next level down; it is a very powerful tool and has maximum impact.

5. CEO Blog – Finally where would we be if we did not mention some form of technology driven communication tool. A CEO blog is very effective if it is used to support and report on the transformation process whilst the employee engagement strategy is underway. For example the CEO has one on one meetings with the leadership team, he / she then reports in the Blog on the key messages and expectations. The CEO begins visits to each region and reports back on the Blog the key observations and achievements of employees and so on. Employee communication tools to inform are always a back up and support to the real communication taking place, the employee communication engagement strategies as listed in points 1 – 4 above.

The methods suggested above also achieve another goal often neglected in employee communication. As this is the opportunity for the CEO to find out what people at all levels of the organization really think about a particular issue, it will cause the CEO to think differently next time about the importance of employee communication and will ensure that change communication is addressed at the planning phase of any major organizational change.

What is The Importance of Communication?

Why communication is considered so important? At a very basic level, it is vital to any human encounter. Communication allows us to develop a civilized society and to transmit knowledge from one generation to another. It dramatically distinguishes humans from other forms of life. It allows us to organize and work together in groups. In fact, without communication, there can be no social organization.

Communication then is important to human society and to organizations in general. Its importance is even more pronounced for more pronounced for business organizations specifically. If you thing about them, these words of communication expert Harold Janis are certainly true: “The word of business is a world of action. Products are designed, made and sold. People are learned and performed. Yet there is no practical way in which any of these events can take place without communication.”

Although communication has always been essential for business, it is especially important today – given current business trends. Companies tend to be larger than ever, and more mergers and acquisitions are on the way. Departments within a company may be spread all over the country, or even the world. With larger companies has come an increase in the number of hierarchical level and the complexity of organizational patterns. At the same time, the more complex the organization, the more specialized the job each person performs within that organization. This trend toward experts, in turn, leads to increased use of specialized language, or jargon, which only experts can understand. Add to all of this the increase in the constituencies – such as community groups, special interest groups, labor, and government – with whom business people must now communicate, along with their traditional audiences, such as clients, subordinates, and superiors. These additional audiences, of course, mean additional communication. Trends in management style –away from the strictly authoritarian and toward the more collaborative – also make communication more important than ever.

And, as if this weren’t enough, recent developments in the electronic communication field are changing the ways in which we can communicate. For example, using electronic mail, we3 can type message to one another by means of a computer terminal. Teleconferencing allows us to see and speak with a group of people who are not all in the same place. Word processing makes it easier for us to change our writing. In summary, all these trends lead to more need for an opportunity to communicate in business.

Besides being important in today’s changing business environment, effective communication will be important for your personal satisfaction and success. Through communication, you will be able to clarify your concepts and ideas. You will be able to understand, persuade, and work with other people. In many ways, your success will be based on your ability to communicate: sometimes the only proof of your good work will be the written report or the oral presentation culminating a project.

Not only will you find communication important, chances are you will find yourself spending most of your time at work communicating: writing, talking with a group, talking to one person, listening, or reading. Many students imagine communication will account for only a small percentage of their work time. Various surveys, however, prove that business people in fact spend from 60 to 90 percent of their time at work communicating. The specific amount of time will vary with your business, your company and your working style.

Furthermore the higher you move in your organization, the more communicating you are likely to do. Supervisors must communicate more than technicians, for example, and managers more than supervisors. As management expert Peter Drucker says: “If you work as a soda jerker you will, of course, not need much skill in expressing yourself to be effective. If you work on a machine your ability to express yourself will be of little importance. But as soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or the written word. And the further away your job is from manual work, the larger the organization of which you are an employee, the more important it will be that you know how to convey your thoughts in writing or speaking.” One study concludes that first-level supervisors spend 74 percent of their time communicating, send-level managers 81 percent, and third-level managers 87 percent. Another study shows that CEOs spend 78 percent of their time in oral communication alone.